Sarah Sanders steps down, she will be missed.

Republican voters admired her tactics: eight out of ten view her favorably, according to a Gallup poll from 2018. Even John Brummett, a liberal political columnist in Arkansas, who has written vicious things about Mike and Janet Huckabee, said that he likes, and in some ways admires, Sanders. And speaking of Polls!

Democrat presidential front-runner Joe (China) Biden, son, Hunter Biden had financial dealings with the Chinese government. Joe China Argues that his son's dealings did not influenced his views on China while V.P.

Giuliani wrote, "A Fox poll shows that Dems view ethics as critical and prefer Biden. That’s because warped media has covered up how he brought his son to China, and while he was caving in to China, his son got $1.5 billion investment from China. Corrupt media can’t hide it forever."

More on "A Plan To Save Our Republic"

In section 3, I talk a bit on how we could all implement this in our communities.

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