We are now a Permission-Based Society

If you asked the American Founders what their view on the role of government was then, and compare it with our view today, you would see a stark difference.

American Constitution Begins by declaring explicitly that Liberty is a blessing, its commission was explicit that we are born with liberty and we create a government in part to protect Liberty, and when it violates that right, then we can overthrow the government if we have to in order to change it and protect our Liberty once again.

But gradual from the 1880s to the 1930s everybody started to believe that government exists to control what goes on in society, and that shift was done by the progressives.

It was done in various ways the most important one of which was the idea that rights are not natural rights, they are not something that we are entitled to, because we are human beings, but they belong to us because of Society, and to use those rights, We Must Ask Permission.


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