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Preparation is not about being a doomsday prepper, or a zombie apocalypse end of the world person, it’s about bad things happening to good people, and how we can prepare for the unknown?


Since you’re here right now, something tells me that you’re full of questions, concerns, and some doubt, but have a mindset to be Ready and a damn good idea of what MAY Happen. But maybe you… Have no clue what kind of Prep's you need. Need help sorting through the avalanche of information. Feel frustrated and uncertain. You wish more people could relate to what you’re trying to do. (Your friends think you're paranoid or crazy, they don’t quite “get it”).

Listen or Watch The Prepper Guy Podcast to remove the scary, and sometimes hate-filled rhetoric, to learn a more Minimalist approach to being prepared.




The Sovereign State Project

Some of my personal podcasts during the Oregon Standoff, and dedicated to Robert LaVoy Finicum, and States Sovereignty.  The Sovereign State Project when online the day LaVoy was murdered and the RF are Robert Finicums initials.

*Archived Podcasts are only found here at Prepper Guy





Territories, Enclaves and other property.

These words are in the Constitution, and because they are mentioned, leads one to understand it is because the Federal Government, as set up by the Framers, does not Own all the land, but only these Small pieces and the People own the rest.

Control your Government, don’t let the Government Control you.

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